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Plastic surgery and aesthetics applications today has the enough infra structure to intervene and correct from the bone structure to skin character, weight size, and any kind of physical deformation. Especially skin rejuvenescance applications and techniques helping in removing the signs of aging are among the most favorite aesthetics applications.

What is Difference of PRP Technique from the Botox and Face-filling ?

Botox and face-filling are temporary skin rejuvenasvancing applications. These applications, indeed do not treat existing wrinkles but hide them for a while.

But it is possible to say that since the botox application strokes the muscles temporarily, it postpones aging for some months. PRP Technique, as one of the aesthetics applications applied to skin, includes features of both treating and preventing and removing the skin defects.

PRP application is defined as concentrating the recovery factors that exist in the patient's own blood with some laboratory techniques and apply them to patient's skin by following some defined procedures in several seances.

How the PRP liquid is derivated ?

In order to derivate the PRP liguid the blood taken from the patient is centrifuged as spinned with a speed of thousands cycles per minute.

By that way, the molecules and cells existed in the blood liquid decomposes according to their weight and samples out. The thrombocytes that will be used in PRP method are the units to be pulled easily by centrifuge.

How does the PRP Liquid work ?

The thrombocytes are also known as the cure factors. Fast repairing the cuts in skin and stopping the bleeding bcomes possible by means of fixing of vessel walls by the thrombocytes. After this stage, the use of PRP liquid in many areas, particularly the treatment of internal organs has become widespread.

Why should the PRP applications be applied by an expert ?

Enhancement factor concentrations in PRP liquid must have a certain intensity. Lesser PRP is obtained from the blood that were not centrifuged well. This situation led to the extension of the duration of treatment and may result in failure to get the desired result.

However, contrary to popular belief that a healing fluid that is rich in plenty of factors PRP will bring benefits would be harmful, either. So the aesthetics application of PRP should be applied by an expert.

Which skin defects are removed by the PRP ?

Aesthetic benefits of PRP in general is on skin aging and skin blemishes.

All the situations that cause the aged appearance of the face like acne blemishes from the early youth terms, pimples caused by repair of skin pits that have occurred, sunspots on the skin, pockets and detention bruises on the forehead, crowbar and lip lines, descending lines on the edge of nose, can be removed with the applied sessions.

PRP technique that can be applied to the neck and low-neck can be preferred for the treatment of wrinkles and freckles in this region, Moisturizing and tightening the skin,ensuring a brighter and more vivid view to skin are among the advantages of the PRP on the skin.

Applying burn marks found on parts of the body like the arms and legs is also possible. PRP also provides the skin more resistance against sunlight.

Before PRP Application

After obtaining PRP liquid by the appropriate techniques, applications are made to the areas where the patient thinks he is in need. Of course, executing skin peeling, removal of skin tissue or purification before the PRP application allows to obtain a better result.

Laser PRP Application

The technique called as laser PRP basically involves stage of laser implementation and then application of PRP. The skin tissue which is encouraged to regenerate by being damaged by laser shows a a rapid recovery skin tissue with a laser, with PRP application shows a rapid recovery taking renewed energy.

PRP Sessions

PRP technique interval sessions should not be kept long. Many doctors recommend a 21-day interval for this application. Depends on the number of 21- day interval sessions determined by the the doctor it is guaranteed to rejuvenate the skin up to 5 years younger.

PRP Hair Transplantation

One of the areas of aesthetic surgery that the PRP technique used is the hair transplantation. In fue hair transplantation techniques, getting an harmony between the hair follicles withneck root, increases the success rate in hair transplantation by providing a quick recovery in the transplantation areas.

Preservation of the Hair Follicles

The hair follicles taken from the back of the neck portion during cultivation are hold in the PRP liquid at the time of the hair transplantation in order to maintain the vitality of this deep-rooted hair bristles, PRP is suspended in the liquid. Thus, protecting the vitality of hair roots, thus providing much more successful adaptation to the scalp.

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