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One of the methods the people who can not have a baby in normal ways use in order to have the baby is IVF method. The first test tube baby was born in England in 1978 in the world. In Turkey, the first IVF birth took place in time on Ege University Faculty of Medicine in1989. Couples can be easily achieve their baby they dream in vitro fertilization treatment.

Emerging technology and effective and efficient use of this technology in the medical field, has facilitated the people affected to be able to have a baby using IVF compared to the previous periods. The couples can achieve their babies in a short time by the help of many health centers.

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What is the IVF Treatment ?

Tube baby treatment, in short and basic explanation, is the insemination process of the sperm and egg cells, namely reproductive cells of men and women of in the laboratory conditions.

IVF is a treatment method applied to expectant mothers who can not get pregnant naturally.This process is based on the principle of transferring the embryos formed by combination of the sperm from male and eggs from female in laboratory conditions, to the the uterus.

In how many steps the IVF treatment is carried out ?

A relevant and successful IVF treatment is usually held in 4 stages. Applying the IVF in proper execution and following-up phases of the stage by paying enough attention provides major contribution to couples in having their desired babies.

The First Stage of IVF treatment

Detailed examination of couples subject to the treatment prior to IVF treatment is the first step in the IVF treatment. This step provides information to the expert physician about how to apply the the treatment process.

The things that should be done before the application and the preparation process of the treatment has become clear at this stage. Whether the expectant mother is appropriate for the IVF treatment or not is decided and the requirements for a successful treatment is determined especially in this stage.

Another benefit of this stage in IVF treatment is the determination of the tailor made method of the treatment. Paying attention to this stage is very important to achieve the desired results.

The Second Stage of IVF Treatment

In the second stage of IVF treatment, the process of properly injection of the drug determined by the expert physician to expectant mother is carried out by pressuring the egg production system and keeping it under control.

Implementation of injection of at this stage of vitro fertilization treatment helps to make the the mother's eggs reach to the desired level. At this stage, adjusting the dose of the given drug is the most important detail to be paid attention by the specialist physician.

The Third Stage of the IVF Treatment

The third stage of IVF treatment consists of obtaining the eggs and sperm, getting them fertilized in the laboratory conditions and monitoring the development of the embryo.This stage is one of the most important phases in the process couple's of achievement to their desired baby. At this stage, the slightest mistake would be be made in this stage, might result in a failure in vitro fertilization treatment.

Transferring Embriyo to the Uterus

The transfer of selected embryos to the uterus, is the final and most important stage in vitro fertilization treatment. In a sense, the realization of the process of transferring the elected embryos to uterus, ensures the success to achieve in desired result in IVF treatment

In IVF treatment the success rate increases with an experienced team and advanced laboratory facilities. Parallel to improvement in technology and day by day increasing amount of expert doctors in Turkey, hundreds of couples from in Asian, European and African countries come to Turkey for IVF treatment.

IVF treatment is carried out in many health institutions in Turkey. We organize the whole your process before and after treatment at any health center. If you contact us with the application form on our web-site your appeal will be examined by our expert physicians in the field of IVF treatment and your treatment process will be designed as soon as possible.

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