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Facial aesthetics is one of the most preferred plastic surgery. People may re-create themselves by means of facial aesthetics. Getting facial aesthetics became popular by most people because of the increasing success rates on facial aesthetics in Turkey.

In the content facial aesthetics; there are browlift, forehead lift ear surgery, facelift, lip aesthetics, eyelid aesthetics and many aesthetics treatments, applied on face.

What is the facial aesthetics ?

Facial aesthetics is the applications to extinguish negative results on face of time and several external factors on the face. The goal is to provide a new look to skin.

You may feel all effects of life on your skin. Facial aesthetics may be apllied to extinguish skin problems. The skin of people having facial aesthetics is cleaned from the signs of aging and given a younger look. Psychologies of people is affected positively as a result of facial aesthetics.

Signs of aging may cause psychological problems on people. Aging and initiating wrinkling in skin are the main factors that leads people to consider facial aesthetics.

Especially stress and the sun are among the main reasons of aging of skin.
In thirties skin problems begins, saggings and lines occur in progress of time.

Reasons to be applied facial aesthetics

Facial aesthetics are applied to extinguish saggins and wrinkles which occur because of the aging and some external factors. Bones on face starts changing by getting thinner in progress of time. Also the fatty tissue on face becomes thinner and saggings occur. As a result of these saggings skin begins wrinkle.
Saggings take place especially on cheek, area of neck, area of chin and round eyes.

How the facelift operations are applied ?

The goal of facelift operations is to extinguish saggings and wrinkles on face and area of neck. Facelift is one of the most detailed operations which are applied for facial rejuvenation.

The operation is applied from fold which begins in front of the ear to behind the ear with cut of skin. Cutting line is hided to hold in front of the ear and the cut behind the ear is hided inside hair. Deregulation of temporal side, cheeks, areas of neck and chin is provided on facelift operations.

Then muscle and bond tissues become visible completely and flaccitides are extinguished.
Facelift operation is ended up with erecting skin on new place.

Ultheraphy Method on Facial Aesthetics

Sound waves are used via carrier tissues which are located substratum of skin on ultheraphy method. Through sound waves production of collagen is warned and skin becomes tight.

This treatment is one of the most important methods on facial aesthetics. By way of ultheraphy, production of collagen increases, bond tissue gets stronger, skin becomes tighter ang wrinkles decrease noticeably. Also it may be possible to extinguish saggings and wrinkles on brow, forehead, decollete, eyes, the face contour and area of chin.

How can I receive a treatment ?

If you contact us with the communication form on our website for detailed information , the most available treatment method for you is determined by our expert plastic surgeons as soon as possible.

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