About Us

Our Vision
  • To produce fast and professional solutions to all organizations before and after treatment of patients
  • To provide quality health services to all humanity.
  • To be a pioneer in the choice of health institutions equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • To be able to respond adequately to the needs of patients throughout the treatment process.
  • During the treatment process, patient rights law and provide a comfortable process.
  • To take precautions in advance in the problems that patients may experience.
  • To ensure that patients can reach their country safely after treatment.
misyon ve vizyon
Our Mission
  • Turkey's 2023 health tourism targets to achieve the most active working Tourism Agency to become.
  • To be among the number of agencies that undertake the promotion of health tourism in Turkey in the internet environment.
  • To be a reference company in the field of health tourism by combining the strength gained from A+ Hospitals with Turkish guest perversity and ethical stance
Our services
  • danışmanlık
    Our team prefers expert and advanced physicians to give the best and the most accurate service for you according to your complaints...
  • transfer
    You are welcomed by our team at the airport on the scheduled day and time. Your transportation to hotel is provided according to treatment plan...
  • konaklama
    There are several accomodation alternatives in all cities of Turkey which is at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa continents...
  • tercumanlık
    We give translation services by our assistants in the progress of contacting with the team who will treat you, transfer and accomodation...