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Turkey is one of the leading countries on hair transplantation operations with the importance health and transportation facilities. Hair transplantation is the most effective hair multiplication method permanently remove the status of hairlessness caused by genetics or physiological reasons perennially. New methods are applied in Turkey by expert physicians and clinics. The newest is known as ''Fue method.''

What is the hair transplant with Fue method ?

Fue (follicular unit extraction ) describes the shape of the intake of the hair root. Hair root is taken one by one. Fue method is applied for time first time in 2003 and it became common increasingly.
On Fue method, hair transplanted to areas of forehead and neck is taken from nape. Fue is more comfortable than other methods and gets results faster.
There are more than one follicles on each hair root. On Fue method several arable barbas from a hair root are granted with cylinder-shaped needle which removes hair from root with follicle cells.
Thus, there is not hair reduction on the nape of the neck. Naturality is kept because transplantation is applied in the same direction of hair on the hair transplantation area.In the hair transplantations applied on forehead, the hair line should be cared.
A professional hair transplantation is required for development of each barba clinging to the skin.
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Why is hair on the nape of the neck is preferred on Fue method ?

The reason why hair on the nape of the neck is preferred is related with the code system of the hair.
The hair on the nape of neck is not coded to lose.
In other saying, chemicals which cause hair loss do not have an impact on hair root on the nape of the neck. These hair roots which protect their vitality potential are used on hair, eyebrow, eyelash and beard transplantations.

How the Fue method is applied ?

Application of Fue method is simple and comfy. Folllicles taken from hair root with cyclinder-shaped needle are placed to root pores on hairlessness parts one by one. Placement process is applied in the direction of the hair. Painful problems do not occur on hair growing in the scanning direction.

How the natural hair contour is provided on Fue method ?

The most important point is to be cared on Fue method is arranging the front line of hair.
Having the most natural appearance of this line which can be custom-designed is directly related to professionalism of person who applies hair transplantation.
Having curved contour on side sections provides natural appearance.

Is recovery period is long on Fue method ?

Recovery period of hair transplantation with Fue method is not long. Recovery period gets shorter with using solutions and annealers which are suggested by the physician. It is possible to fill the areas that can not hold with additional sessions.

How can I learn the prices of hair transplantation ?

Prices of hair transplantation with Fue method is determined according to criterias like; level of person's hairlessness, method for person and situation of materials and equipment.
If you send your hair's photographs taken in different perspectives with application form on our website, we can provide you a price assesment prepared by our experts of hair transplantation as soon as possible.
As Health Services Team, we organize your arrival to our country for hair transplantation, transfer, hotel reservations, preparations before and after treatment.

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