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Implant, which is one of the most important applications on dentistry, is a treatment method may be used for many different goals. On this method, new teeth are placed to the blanks on jaw bone on the place of lost teeth with screw down. Placed teeth may be examined in lots of different groups acording to quality characteristics.

Orthodontics Treatment

Dental deformity, one of the major problems beginning from childhood, affects self-confidence negatively and sometimes causes disorders of mastication and eating.

On averting dental deformities, implant may be preferred as combined aesthetics solution along with orthodontic treatment called ''dental brace''. While averting of dental deformities, new teeth are placed to the blanks on jaw bone with implant due to both tooth extraction and the teeth slip.

Diastema Closure

Diastema is generally an innate problem of aesthetic dentistry. Teeth may be sparsely arrayed on jaw bone because of having large lower or upper jaw bone.

On the other hand absence of the teeth sides on the two front teeth is possible, it is called ''lateral''. On this situation blanks are closed with implant professionally, too.

Alternative Treatment Method for Dental Protheses

Also implant may be preferred as an alternative for dental protheses. It is possible to apply implant to the whole dentine or to the large blanks on jaw bone. The process of fixing the tooth to the jawbone does not have to be implemented on blanks.

What are the advantages of Implant Odontotherapy ?

On dental prothesis method, hygiene and gingiva problems may occur because of using protheses portably. But there is no such problems on implant treatment. Implants do not cause speaking and eating problems since they are subjected to tiny reshaping. You can use these as your original teeth.

Adaptation process to the implants is shorter. Achieving the most natural appearance is one of the advantages of implant. Achieving naturality is easier due to using absorbal materials for tooth enamel design.

Does implant cause reactions on external body ?

Screws are used on placing implant teeth to the jaw bone. Screws , done by zirconium, have a characteristic that does not react with gingiva and dentine. Therefore body can not react to screws.

Sessions of Implant Odontotherapy

On implant applications, treatment has several stages. After placing screws, preventive teeth are placed on these screws.

In order to get a compatible teeth size with your mouth structure, the most accurate tooth pattern is achieved after several tests at certain intervals. The treatment process is ended up buy taking the preventive teeth out and placing the real implant teeth to the screws on jaw bone.

Odontotherapy in Turkey

Panoramic jaw film is required to determine accurate procedures.

If you share your complaints and radiography with forms on our website, you are analyzed by our contracted dentists and you will be informed about proper procedures in details.

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