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Neurosurgery is defined as a medical field which might necessitate a surgical operation on brain, spinal cord and neural system. Especially in the treatment of physical injury, infection, tumor and abnormal situations innate, neurosurgey is benefited.

Neural system comprises of nerve cells and tissues located on the center of brain and spinal cord. Neural system which provides the study of brain takes an important place on human body. Senses of hearing, tasting and olfaction is transmitted with this system to brain.

Therefore studying of neural system correctly is important to survive. Neurosurgery provides diagnosis and treatment of negative situations on neural system, brain ans spinal cord.

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Task Fields of Neurosurgery

  • Tumors occured on brain and spinal cord tissue
  • Aneurism on veins which feed brain tissue and spinal cord
  • Constriction on neck veins
  • Problems accouchement and development of neural system
  • Deformities on brain pan and the increase in the amount of fluid on brain gaps
  • Celebral bleeding
  • Cerebral vascular occlusion
  • Spinal diseases like herniated disc and cervical disc hernia
  • Physical injuries on head and spinal cord
  • Nerve compression of arms and legs
  • Surgical treatments of neurologic diseases like epilepsy and parkinson
  • Cancer pains and surgical treatment of tick disease
  • What are the tasks of neurosurgeon ?

    Neurosurgeons are people who treat neurosurgery based and peripheral neural system defects. Expert physicians in this field of are called ''neurosurgeon''.

    Number of neurosurgeons is not much because some problems in both education and on applications might be observed. This branch requires knowledge and experience. Also treatment with surgical operations could be the case.

    Operation Process of Brain Tumor

    A difficult process for both patient and physician begins after diagnosing tumor. The patient should be informed about in details about tumor and operation by physician.

    Brain tumors are generally operated with general anasthesia. But surgical treatment of some tumors are not possible. On this situations radiotheraphy is applied. Treatment methods differ from type of tumor and development process. Surgical operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the main methods on treatment of tumor.

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