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The nose is one of the most important factors of facial aesthetics. For this reason rhinoplasties have an huge importance in the field of plastic surgery. The main goal is giving a better shape to nose after rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is the name of operations that are done for giving a better shape to nose. These operations are applied to extinguish reconstructive, congenital anomalies and shape disorders which are caused by trauma.

Lots of people get rhinoplasties to repair shape disorders and deformalities which are caused by environmental or congenital factors. Septoplasty with noise aesthetic surgeries are operated to treat nasal congestions that caused by intranasal deformities.

Due to the rhinoplasties, the tip of the nose can be sharpened, lifted, downed; and the nose can be thickened or treated from other shape disorders. Also sunken noses are threated by filling. Rhinoplasties include nostrils, too.

Narrow nostrils can be enlarged and large nostrils can be narrowed down.

What are the factors to be considered before nose surgery ?

It is important to consulting professionals before nose surgery. It is also advised to tell expectations to plastic surgeon.

The most available age of rhinoplasty is younger ages. Rhinoplasty ends up successfuly to a large extent. But it should be regarded having some risks. Consulting plastic surgeon about all details of operation takes an important place in terms of success of operation and patient's expectations.

How the rhinoplasty operations are applied ?

Rhinoplasty operations are applied to minimize the size of nose, shape the nose tip, correct the aspect between nose and upper lip and extinguish the bone spurs on nose.

Adding tissue can be applied on nose. Lots of operations can be applied at the same time during operation and can be given a very different shape to nose.

Rhinoplasty is applied with general or local anasthesias. But it is given ataractic drug before anasthesia.This drug ensures that the patient is comfortable during operation. When rhinoplasty is applied, firstly an incision made against the area having operation in nostrils. This cut provides re-shaping to nose by surgeon. Then nose is corrected with medical equipment.

Recovery Period after Rhinoplasty

It may occur some pains after rhinoplasty. Head should be kept a little high, applied compress to decrease possible swellings and purplenesses on nose and round eyes. It provides getting shorter this process. Splint which is applied during operation should be taken out in a week after rhinoplasty. But you may continue to use splint according to phycsician's suggestion. Rhinoplasty is applied in nose. Therefore there is not any scars exterior area of nose.

To expect immediate improvement and to think that the new image could occur immediately is incorrect. Because improvement occurs incrementaly, it may takes weeks or months.

How can I receive a treatment ?

If you send your nose's photographs taken different perpectives with application form on our website, your informations are viewed by our physicians and you are informed about your treatment process as soon as possible.

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