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General surgery includes wound healing issues and physical injuries alongside treatments of local problems on body, too.
General surgery is one of the most extensive unit of the medical world in terms of sub units.
Lots of operations in the medical world are applied in the field of general surgery nowadays. That is to say lots of operations are applied by expert general surgeons.

What is general surgery ?

General surgery is a surgical unit which includes the treatments of problems like wound healing and physicial injuries alongside treatments of systematic and local problems on people with surgery.
General surgery works cooperatively and coordinated with other disciplines because of the width of the interest. This coordination contributes recovery of patient in a short time.

Genel Cerrahi
What is the most important stage of general surgery ?

The most important stage of the general surgery is making the patients achieve the former quality of their life Conducting this process successfuly on many general surgery operations hinges upon the patient's effort and cooperation with other medical areas.

Large majority of general surgery consist of cancer patients. On diagnosing this and diseases like this , department of surgery works with other areas. Studies done by surgery department with other medical areas help diagnosing treatment method on diseases especially type of cancer for patients.

Operations applied on General Surgery

  • Breast cancer and benign diseases of breast
  • Diseases of thyroid gland ( goiter, hyperthyroid )
  • Benign, malignant tumors and cysts of liver
  • Obstructive jaundices
  • Several soft-tissue infections
  • Esophageal cancer and benign diseases of esophagus
  • Stomach cancer, problems of stomach and duodenum
  • Gastric balloon treatment for obese patients
  • Surgical diseases of small bowel and bowe obstructions
  • The colon and rectum tumors, inflammatory diseases
  • Anorectal diseases ( tumors, hemorrhoids, anal fissure, fistula )
  • Galbladder and paths, galbladder stones and tumors
  • Pancreatic cysts and tumors
  • Traumas and emergency surgery
  • Acute and chronic pancreatitis
  • Surgical diseases of the splin
  • Abdominal wall and ingenual hernias
  • General surgery keeps in step with developing technology, too. Thus, operations like gallbladder that was done in an open way earlier, have been able to be done in a closed manner. Patients may recover and return back to their normal lives in a short time after many operations by using technology active and productive.

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