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External genital organs, opened to the outside of part of the female body reproductive system are divided into different parts among them. Each of external genital organs known as labia major, labia minor, clitoris, the mouth of the uretra, hymen, perina region and arse region has a task.

This external genital organs which protect internal genital organs from infections, temperature change and irritation caused by dryness also may cause the female to be chosen or not by her partner during sexual intercourse.

The fact of human being to attribute a meaning to physical appearance is a situation that existed spontaneously during the evolution of the mind. Ofcourse, the attractiveness of genital region is also believed to be involved in this situation.

Reasons for the preference of aesthetical genital surgery

There are situations that genital surgery on women are required. These may be caused by accident and diseases along with being innate.

Genital aesthetic applications can interfere most part of physical disturbances on genital region. This interferences also known as cosmetic gynecology has an important effect on psychology even if it does not affect person's daily life and it is not troubled by her partner.

In which situations hymen repairing is done ?

Hymen repairing is generally not an aesthetic intervention but it is a subject of the aesthetics of the vagina. The rarely seen type of hymen which does not bleed in the first sexual relationship is normalised on this application.

Also people who lost their virginity with unfortune sexual relationships prefer this technique. There are techniques like laser repairing hymen and repairing hymen with the technique of tissue wrapping among hymen repairing techniques.

Surgical interventions to hymen can be done to open the hymen which is off innate along with reinvent. There has to be in an amount of open space on hymen for menstrual bleeding.

The Inner and Outer Vagina Lip Surgery

The genital aesthetical intervention called labioplasty is also known as the inner and outer vagina lip surgery. The main goal of this surgery is to minimize the overmuch big lips.

Aesthetics of the clitoris is done to extinguish laps on clitoris.
In case vaginoplasty is an application of a shrinking part of the vagina.

The Application Of Whitening The Vagina

The application of whitening the vagina is preferred by people who has a tarnishing on their innner and outer vagina region because of bristles which become visible from pubert for protection.

Laser technique is used on this application which can be applied both inner and outer lips.The color of the region is permanently opened with laser whitening the vagina.

G-Spot Augmentation Surgery

On G-spot augmentation surgery, this point which is also known as point jun on women is guaranteed to be more voluminous. Therefore the person may take more pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Carbon Dioxide Fractional Laser Vagina Tightening

Vaginal rejuvenation and tightening process which is also known as a narrowing of the vagina operation can be done both with surgical intervention and laser technique.

Tightening of tissues of vagina region and shrinking the whole tissue are provided. Carbon dioxide fractional laser is used on this technique.

This technique which can be applied to many points of the skin in the context of skin rejuvenation applications is important in terms of providing an alternative for shrinking vagina with vaginaplasty.

Enlargement Injection done on The Outer Lips Injections

Labia major injection is a filling process on outer lips in order to remove imbalances in the external appearance of the genital region. Depending on the type of filling material, temporary or permanent, it provides a more aesthetic apperance.

Vaginal Rugation and Radiofrequency Applications

The process of cretaing a skin fold in the vagina, among the other aesthetic applications is the one that aims completely to increase sexual pleasure.

Likewise radiofrequency applications with the purpose of providing orgasm is examined in the aesthetics of the vagina, too.

The Aesthetics Of The Hill Of Venus

The hill of venus is the abdominal area is just below the visible triangle when viewed from the female body on genital region. Having more or less than adequte fatty tissue of this region causes in appearance of the imbalances.

More fatty tissue is not aesthetic in terms of folding will occur and brings hygiene problems. The aesthetics of the hill of venus is done with fatty injection or fat intake to provide visality the needs of this region.

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