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Botox application, which has a peak action time changing between 4-6 months, aims to remove wrinkles and striations on the skin. It is applied to everbody except women who are in pregnancy or breast feeding period and its peak action time may change depending on age.


Botox application, having a 10-15 minutes processing time, may be applied to prohibit swelter and uprear brows along with removing striations on forehead, pigweed and neck.

People can return their daily lives and do not feel the pain after the application ends up. But it is suggested not to go to the coiffeur, sauna and swimming pool within the first few days the botox application is carried out. In addition to this, it should be cared not to welter and should be preferred to lie back on the day when the application is carried out..

Botox application takes effect purely after 5-7 days.

Striations on forehead, on pigweed, inter brows, under the nose ; wrinkles round mouth and on neck arise depending on contraction of muscles on face and neck. Striations round mouth cause an upset facial expression, striations between sidewall of the nose and brows cause an angry facial expression, straitions round eyes and forehead cause an old facial expression.

Botox application blocks the contraction of muscles on this areas temporarily and provide the smooth, young, fresh skin with removing the upset, angry, old facial expressions related to the straitions.

In this field, the treatment should be applied by the physicians who are knowledgeable and experienced in anatomy of face muscles. While it is not a painful application, the ethereally burning sensation on the area where the treatment is applied is possible. The area should not be chafed to prohibit the creepage of the botox to round muscles after the application.

Treatment in Turkey

If you send your photographs of the area where will be applied botox with the application form on our website, your files are viewed by our expert physicians and you are informed about your treatment in details.

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