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Chest Diseases unit, is the unit where the the diagnosis and treatment of all patients occurring in the lungs.

This unit continues to execute its applications to make its patients return to their normal lives by using a variety of techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of important breast diseases such as lung deflation, especially lung cancer, asthma, COPD, bronchitis, accumulation of fluid in the pleura, pneumonia,

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, is a lung disease largely caused by smoking is also closely associated with genetic factors, As a result of the effects that cause mutations in lung cells the spreading of cancer to a part or to half of the lung becomes the case.

Significant Symptoms of Lung Cancer

These are; fever, weakness, fatigue and weight loss associated with a steady, continuous coughing. Sputum blood on the strip-shaped during cough, is considered one of the key symptoms of lung cancer. However,it is possible for this type of cancer to be a symptomatic for a long time.

Lung biopsy of the parts that is seen as shaded portion of the lung in the chest radiography, is performed in order to investigate whether they are, as -public saying- benign or malignant At the same time colored chest X-ray technique called X-ray is taken with it.

Treatment of Lung Cancer

Once the disease is diagnosed,,the most common treatment method applied is chemotherapy. The most disadvantegous side of this treatment used in lung cancer and other types of cancer is the fact that it damages an amount of damaging healthy cells, too.

During treatment, it becomes mandatory to check the patient's blood counts frequently and to make arrangements with various supplements. Blood values determine the overall health status of patients significantly. During the treatment of cancer, delivering oxygen to the patient may be one of the relaxing methods.

As a side effect of chemotherapy, intensive hiccups, fever, stomach and hair loss does occur. Because of that, in patients who had come final stage of the cancer it should be decided whether to apply or not considering it would decrease their life standarts or not.

Surgical Treatment in Lung Cancer

Another method used to treat lung cancer is surgery. Observing the cancer only in a small portion of the lung is an important basis for this treatment. The tumorous tissue can easily be removed from the lung. Radiotheraphy can be the case as an addition to radiotherapy treatment.

Radiotherapy Techniques

Since the lung is the area where the blood is cleaned, the cancer cells that leaves from the the tissue can spread to other tissues via blood circulation. The most common types of cancer observed together with with lung cancer are known as the lymph cancer and brain tumors.

Therefore, in the treatment of lung cancer, sending radiation into the brain to protect brain radiotherapy it is a technique that is used quite often.

Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer

Among the treatment techniques of lung cancer, the targeted theraphy techniques also exist. Making the cancer forming genes inactive, the technique that is preferred to downgrade the cancer and prevent it from is promising.

Lung cancer, can be painful in some patients as no pain can be observed in some.

What is COPD ?

COPD disease, refers to the blockage of the bronchies, the smallest units of the lung because of a variety of causes. Smoking is still the most important reason for this disease.

Breathing of various dyes that are used in some professions or being continuously exposed to some chemicals may cause to be caught in a COPD. COPD is a progressive disease and since it is irreversible the people who get this disease must be kept under constant surveillance.

Since the breathing capacity of the lungs will decrease day by day, the treatment mainl would focus on icreasing the quality of life.

How to diagnose the COPD ?

Since the COPD is easy to diagnose and since it does not require a biopsy that is required in lung cancer, it is adviced to the people who experiences shortness of breath to do their doctor controls urgently instead of avoid finding the source of the problem. Breathing apparatus are used in the diagnosis of COPD. The person is asked to breathe deeply and to give it back quickly. According to the measurements done after this process, the lung capacity is being calculated.

According to the researches, COPD is observed on one of 5 or 6 people who has constantly smoked for 20 years, one packet or more per day. The incidence age of COPD is defined as the age of the post-40s.

What are the symptoms of COPD ?

The most important symptom of COPD, is getting more disturbing of shortness of breath day by day.. As a result of the lack of oxygen in the lungs, disruptions in the supply of all tissues in the body will occur, therefore, extreme fatigue condition will be seen.

Treatment of COPD

As said before, COPD treatments are the applications focused on increasing the life quality of patients. Quitting smoking is the primary condition that would allow to get the advantages of a variety of drugs to be used. In case the smoking goes on, deterioration of the lung will continue.

The best known COPD drug is the drugs like asthma medications taken from the nose. Although the doses are in low quantities they are highly effective in relieving the shortness of breath.

In the later stages of COPD it requires long hours on a daily basis to be bound to an oxygen device. Since the danger of blood poisoning would be the case as a result of falling oxygen levels in blood below the danger limit, this application will become essential. occur.

Treatment of all Pulmonary Diseases

Our organization is working to create a bridge between you and the hospitals that can offer effective and treatment alternatives that would increase the quality of life for chest all diseases

Both the treatment of the diseaes primarily the lung cancer and COPD the diseases that the whole world is in the grip of, and in particular, fungal infections of the lungs, tuberculosis, pneumonia are performed by well equipped medical institutions that we are working as the agent in your treatment.

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