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Orthopedia is the general surgery branch which examines impairments and complaints on organs like muscles, joints, bones, nerves, chordas and treats them.

Subjects of Orthopedia

Orthopedia was composed to treat innate disabilities, then it is improved to become a medical branch which includes treatments of many injuries and discomforts. Turkey is among the most preferred countries on treatments of orthopedic diseases.

Orthopedic Diseases and Their Treatments:
Developmental or Innate Orthopedic Diseases

Clubfoot, hip opening or hip dislocation, scollosis and the inequality of the leg

Injuries Related to Sports and Exercise

Meniscal tear, nov crushing and ligament injuries

All Injuries Depending on Skeletal System

Tendon injuries, fractures and dislocations

Discomforts occur on Arms and Legs

Nerve compression, tennis elbow and trigger finger disease

Joint Complaints Based on the Age

Calcifications of semens, hip, shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle

Other Diseases and Complaints

  • Osteosis
  • Herniated disk
  • Cervical disk hernia
  • Rheumatismal pain and complaints
  • Pes planus
  • In- toeing
  • In orthopedia which is an extremely wide branch, drug therapy or physical therapy may be applied depending on some conditions like the patient's situation and complaints' progress. Also surgical intervention may be applied at later stages and prothesis application is applied on necessary situations.

    Branches of Orthopedia

    Children's Orthopedia : It includes surgical interventions like congenital deformities, hip dislocation, clubfoot and nanosomia which are generally seen in children.

    Hand Surgery : It includes traumas occur on hand, wrist and fore arm and diseases related to this area.

    Foot Surgery :It includes problems and discomforts related to foot and ankle.

    Arthroplasty :It deals with joint problems and discomforts.

    Spinal Surgery : It deals with diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of traumas, tumors and infections occur on backbone.

    Oncological Surgery : It is an orthopedic branch which deals with tumors derived from situations related to musculoskeletal system or spread from other environments on body.

    Deformity Surgery : It is an orthopedic branch which deals with innate or subsequent deformities.

    Arthroscopic Surgery :Medical attention is given enter from small holes by the help of camera without opening junctions during surgical intervention. It generally includes removal joint rat, meniscus and cross link surgery.

    Treatment in Turkey

    Orthopedic problems are not only resolved by surgical operation, they may be averted with many methods like physiotherapy.
    You do not have to get examined by our physicians to get a price proposal.
    If you send your files like reports, epicrisis and films with application form on our website, your files are viewed by our expert physicians and you are informed about your treatment as soon as possible.

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