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The first condition of white,dazzling smile and fresh breat is to have healthy teeth and mouth. In-mouth health is influenced from many negative factors.

Because of that, structures like gingivas, tooth roots, tongue, palate and jaw bone is thought as a combination in dentistry. Since tooth and gingiva problems are variable in a large scale,there are many odontotherapy methods, too.

Treatment of Gingiva Diseases

Gingiva is the structure of the tissue which wraps tooth root, keeps in a steril environment and keeps tooth alive by feeding tooth root via blood vessels. But situations like gingiva recession and gingival bleedings indicate a presence of a problem on this tissue.

Gingiva recessions may be the beginning of process that would reach up to the loss of teeth. On treatment of gingiva recession, bacterias and tartars are cleaned up from tooth surface. The healthy gingiva is pasted again on areas that should stay closed. This method is also called ''curettage''. The gingival booster toothpaste and drugs may be used to supportive treatment.


Bacterias accumulated on the base of the teeth and after a while they settle to the inter part of teeth and causes decay till the tooth root. In this case tooth root contacts with the air and it may be damaged.

As a result of this contact tooth inflammation occurs and the tooth is pulled out when it comes to the next level. On stopping, rotten parts are cleaned up and blanks are filled via materials compatible with tooth. This is an application not lo lost tooth. There are many kind of packing material nowadays.

Root Canal Treatment

If rottens damage to the parts of the nerve of the tooth, root canal treatment is preferred before stopping. . It also prevents a relapsing of the problem. On this method after up rotten parts are cleaned, nerves are cut. Then these parts are sterilized and closed with packing materials. Therefore the tooth will not be in pain again.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the latest option that a good dentist should prefer. This method, is applied for completely lost teeth. Tooth is removed as a whole or fragmental with local anasthesia. Extraction of wisdom tooth is thought as more difficult and risky operation. Altough their roots are weak, their sizes may be huge or contiguous with jaw bone. This situation requires a jaw bone operation


Protheses and dental bridgeworks are artificial dental techniques applied for large blanks on dental bone. Half or full palate protheses are designed acoording to the measure of the mouth of person. They are placed on patient's mouth in fixed or portable forms.


Implant is an application executed by screwing down tooth on jaw bone especially on diestema problems or singular loss of front. It gives more comfortable and natural results than prothesis.

Orthodontics Treatment

Orthodontics treatment is applied for removing the situation called dental deformity. It provides proper alignment of tooth on jaw bone with dental brace. Dental braces are dislocated, compressed or changed after certain intervals under expert dentist control. The goal is to achieve the most natural and esthetics appearance.

Odontotherapy in Turkey

Panoramic jaw film is required to determine accurate procedures on odontotherapy.

If you share your complaints and radiography films with forms on our website, you are analyzed by our contracted dentists and be informed about proper procedures in details.

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