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On treatment of diseases, firstly it should be diagnosed correctly. Physicians specialize in medicine for diagnosing correctly. Along with specialization diseases are searched in detailes. Therefore reasons of diseases are detected easier. In order to protect health of people, precautions against diseases should be taken and people should have ideas about health and living healthy. Internal diseases is one of the most frequent diseases and they have an extensive area of effect. As a result of the large effect area it develops lots of successful methods for important diseases. Department of internal medicine gives services to treat them at hospitals.

What is the department of Internal Diseases ?

Internal medicine is divided many subbranches because the area called external diseases is quite extensive. All diseases defined as non-surgical are treated by this department. Modern medicine gives tasks to this department, too. Internal medicine is generally first stop on diseases. Dissections and inspections are applied. If disease can be ended up as a result of dissections and ispections, it is treated. If treatments applied by internist are not enough, patient is guided to subbranches of internal medicine. Through specializations on this area, diseases are treated easier. In this respect specialization is highly important..

What are the subbranches of Internal Diseases?

Internal diseases has a quite extensive area of effect. Therefore it is divided into many subbranches in terms of specialization. Internists can guide patients to subbranches for treatment. Subbranches of internal diseases are listed below :

  • Allergy ( immunology) : It examines the immune system. The main goal is to extinguish sensibilities with researches.
  • Endocrinology : It examines diseases caused by endocrine glans and hormones. These are carried out with treatments.
  • Gastroenterology : It is interested in digestive system diseases. The goal is to diagnose and treat diseases.
  • Hematology :It is known as blood science and effective for diagnosing and treatment of problems related to blood, like leucaemia .
  • Nephrology : It is interested in the health and diseases of bright. When people understand having problems of bright, they consult to internal medicine. Internist transfers the patient to nephrology after applying several tests.
  • Rheumatology : It is interested in muscoloskelatal system. Rheumatismal diseases and bone diseases caused by some organs are detected and treated.
  • Geriatrics : It is interested in problems of aging. Problems cause by aging are treated.
  • Medical Oncology : It is interested in cancer. It researches about diagnosing cancer, its stages and treatment.
  • Treatment of Internal Diseases

    Internal diseases become more hazardous along with damaging some vital organs. Thus having them treated and not to be neglect is highly important. Internal diseases should firstly be diagnosed for being treated, this process becomes easier with developing technology.

    Additionally, applying the correct hospital and correct physician has a crucial importance on this point, too. Our team gives this service for you.

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