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Mammaplasty which provides overhaul deformities and sizes of breasts might be preferred to remove lots of problems related to breast shapes. There are lots of different techniques which are applied nowadays in mammaplasty that includes problems like absence of a breast or breasts innate, shrinking breasts after pregnancy, sagging breasts based on getting and losing weight fast and designing small or large breasts again. Different enjection materials are used in this department of surgery which is preferred by women who lost their breast or breasts after breast cancer too..

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What is the expectation of mammaplasty ?

The most frequently used technique is operation to situate silicone breast prosthesis alongside breast augmentation operation in mammaplasty which is materialized conjuction with enjection of fatties, that are taken from person's own fatty tissue and in liquid form, to tissue. Silicone protheses can be in different shapes and forms according to person's prefences. But the goal of mammaplasty is to determine the ideal breast shape in compliance with person's weight, height and body form.

What are the characteristics of breast protheses ?

There are two types of silicone protheses which are hard and soft. Soft silicone prothesis which is a product of new technology is ideal in terms of providing more natural breast shape. Also it provides more comfortable process after operation and during the rest of life to the patient.

Determining the ideal breast shape

The patient and the physician agree on the ideal breast shape before operation. Simetric and natural form is constituted through drawings on the patient. Mammaplasty ends up with situating silicone protheses in breast, in the area called armpit or under part of breasts . Protheses are located in breast tissue by the help of a few centemeters cuts on determined areas.

What is the trackless mammaplasty ?

Execution of fat injection is the case in the operation called trackless mammaplasty.. But this enjection method is not preferred a lot due to the fact that fatty tissue which may not interact with body may return to its former form.

Does mammaplasty cause breast cancer?

Mammaplasty can be applied as a breast reduction operation. Researchs show that the perception that ''breast shaping operations result in breast cancer'' is wrong. Even these operations may avert the breast cancer or provide fending off cells which have potential to become cancerous.

Recovery period in mammaplasty

The most important point of mammaplasty surgery is not to harm the breast tissue and isthumuses which are located on breast tissue. Medical problems like this do not arise in operations which are done by experts in their field. Movements of arm may be limited for a length of time in recovery period of mammaplasty. Using corset speeds up the process.

How can I receive a treatment ?

Mammaplasty operations are applied with lots of different methods. The most suitable method for person can be determined as a result of meeting with the physician.

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