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Otorhinolaryngology is the branch of medicine which deals with problems and diseases of ear, nose, throat and also head and neck region. Ear nose and throat specialist has studied medical and surgical treatment of this structrures. Ear, nose, throat, sinuses, mouth cavity and a nasal passage take part of the otorhinolaryngologic diseases. As Health Services Turkey, we organize your treatment of otorhinolaryngologic diseases in Turkey.

Ear Diseases

Complaints and diseases related to ear take place in the scope of ear nose and throat specialist. Problems which may cause complaints are generally hearing disorders, problems with balance, formation of ear infection, disorders occuring in the internal and external ear. The most common ear problems are tinnitus, disorders or loss of earing, ceruman and inflammation of the outer or middle ear.

Ear Operations :The skin of the ear-induced cancers, external auditory canal diseases, treatment of external auditory canal infections, removal of foreign object from the ear , medical treatment of ear plugs and ear discharges, surgery of the external auditory canal of masses, middle ear diseases, diagnosis of the middle ear infections, medical treatment of the middle ear infections, surgical treatment of the middle ear infections.

Internal Ear Diseases :Sensorineural hearing loss originating from the internal ear, dizziness originating from the internal ear, ringing, facial paralysis.

Nose Diseases

Sinuses and overhaul of nasal cavity are among the tasks of ear nose throat specialist, too. Allergy, the appearance of the nose, olfaction or respiration disorders are specialties of the ear nose throat physician. Diseases and discomforts which may arise in this area are olfaction problems, rhinoplasty, rhinolight, acute pain and chronic sinusitis nose diseases..

Treatment of Nose and Sinus Diseases : Diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of allergic nose diseases, diagnosis and treatment of nose bleedings, removal of foreign object from the nose, diagnosis and operation of the curvature of the nose and nasal, diagnosis medical and surgical treatment of sinusitis, aesthetic nose surgery.

Throat Diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of complaints and diseases of upper restiratory tract, gullet, gi-tract or alimentary canal are among the tasks of ear nose throat specialist, too. Diseases and discomforts which may arise in this area are quinsy, nigh snoring, apnea, tonsil and tonsillitis throat diseases.

Treatment of Throat and Nasal Passage Diseases : Diagnosis and surgery of adenoid, diagnosis and surgical treatment of tonsil disorders, daignosis and surgical treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Diseases of the Head and Neck

Ear nose throat specialist deals with treatment of infection, tumour which arises in the head and neck region and deformities of facial trauma, too.

The physician who specializes in the area of ear nose and throat may work with expert physicians of other areas. They may work with brain surgeons on diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to skull base, with plastic surgeons on treatment of traumatic deformities, with eye doctors on treatment of structucal anomalies round eyes, with oral surgeons on treatment of traumas related to teeth and maxilla, with dermatologists on treatment of diseases and discomforts related to skin and also with oncologists, family physicians and pediatrists.

Treatment of Neck Diseases :Diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancers, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of bulks in the neck , investigation and treatment of reasons of aphonia( vocal cord polyps,nodule, oadema) , diagnosis and treatment of larengofarengeal reflux disease , diagnosis and treatment of salivary gland diseases.

Treatment in Turkey

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